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  • What are the best new recipes of 2020?

  • If a humble egg salad recipe found its way to the top of our best new recipes of 2020, you know it’s far from basic. This one stands out among reviewers for the sweet-spicy contrast of the relish and hot sauce but a few suggest you can kick up the heat and bite even more with minced fresh onion or jalapeo.

  • How to change an existing recipe?

  • The append files allow us to change an existing recipe. The name of the file must be the same as the original recipe plus the append suffix (.bbappend) and should be located on the same path as the original recipe but in our own layer. The append file can be described as a piece of code or metadata that is added to the end of the original recipe.

  • How many recipes did Allrecipes publish in 2019?

  • We published hundreds of new recipes in 2019, and these twenty were tops! These recipes got the most attention from the Allrecipes community. Check them out, and find something new to add to your favorites.