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  • What are the 50 Best Recipes to try in 2021?

  • 50 Recipes You Need to Try in 2021. 1 French Toast Stuffed with Strawberries. Mitch Mandel and Thomas MacDonald. 2 Banana-Nutella Crepe. 3 Scrambled Eggs with Salmon, Asparagus Goat Cheese. 4 Eggs Diablo. 5 Breakfast Loaded Sweet Potato. More items

  • How many recipes did Allrecipes publish in 2019?

  • We published hundreds of new recipes in 2019, and these twenty were tops! These recipes got the most attention from the Allrecipes community. Check them out, and find something new to add to your favorites.

  • Is it hard to make a meal prep recipe?

  • Meal Prep Is Hard. Here’s What Food Network Recipe Developers Do to Make it Easier. Let’s just say we’ve learned a thing or two while regularly staring down a to-do list filled with recipes. It’s all about trusting your instincts (and taste buds)!