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  • Is 鈥?recipe for seduction鈥?a Lifetime movie?

  • Starring Mario Lopez as Colonel Sanders, Recipe for Seduction is packed full of twists, turns, and steamy romance you want out of a Lifetime movie. Hopefully, there鈥檚 maybe a recipe or too.

  • Is Colonel Sanders in love with KFC?

  • Colonel Harland Sanders has a steamy (and savory?) love affair with a young heiress who must choose between her young chef with a dream of fried chicken glory and a wealthy, duplicitous suitor handpicked by her mother. At the time of release, KFC offered a free 6-piece chicken tenders with purchase of a $20 Uber Eats order.

  • Does KFC have a new movie coming out?

  • Recently, the restaurant has made headlines 鈥?but not for a new Famous Bowl or a sandwich where the bread slices have been swapped out for pieces of fried chicken. No, KFC is now in the news for a finger-licking Lifetime original mini-movie that’s set to debut on the network on Sunday, December 13.

  • How many herbs and spices are in a recipe for seduction?

  • By the use of a secret blend of 11 herbs and spices. A Recipe for Seduction is the new romantic drama shaking the core of the Internet. This Lifetime mini-movie takes Colonel Harlan Sanders off of chicken buckets and re-casts him as a hunky chef in a soon-to-be-classic love story.