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  • How do I find a recipe?

  • To find a recipe do any of the following: To view a list of recipes, click on the first letter of the recipe title you would like When the list of recipes is shown scroll down to find a recipe of your choice

  • What is the meaning of recipe?

  • English Language Learners Definition of recipe : a set of instructions for making food : a way of doing something that will produce a particular result See the full definition for recipe in the English Language Learners Dictionary

  • What is a recipe for kids?

  • Kids Definition of recipe. : a set of instructions for making something (as a food dish) by combining various things.

  • When did the word recipe come into being?

  • Recipe didn’t arrive until the 1500s, and it was also first used to describe medicine. Both words began to be applied to cooking only in the 18th century, after which recipe slowly became the preferred word.