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Not protected by copyright

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  • Can You copyright a recipe?

  • In a word, no. As a federal judge in Ohio recently explained, copyright protects the particular layout of a recipe in a published recipe book, or the photos that accompany the recipe. But copyright does not protect the idea or instructions that the recipe embodies.

  • Does copyright law protect your food ideas?

  • So it seems copyright is not of much help, though Natasha Reed, copyright expert at the Foley Hoag LLP law firm in New York City, points Fine Dining Lovers the way to some exceptions: Copyright law does not protect merely utilitarian articles, ideas, facts, or formulas.

  • Are ingredients and directions protected by copyright?

  • In other words, the court ruled that both the ingredients and the directions were not protected by copyright, because they are a 鈥減rocedure, process, [or] system,鈥?and copyright does not extend to those things. Other cases, such as Lambing v Godiva Chocolatier (142 F.3d 343 (6th Cir. 1998)), have ruled in the same way.

  • Can recipes be protected under Intellectual Property Law?

  • While it may be difficult to protect recipes for what the court called 鈥渂asic fare鈥?like sandwiches and salads, less obvious creations such as sauces and condiments may find some coverage in these other intellectual property areas. The Ohio case is Tomaydo-Tomahhdo LLC et. al v.