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  • What is a Chubby Chicken Burger?

  • The Chubby Chicken Burger is a burger available in Canadian restaurants. Unlike most of the burger available, this burger consists of a breaded white-meat chicken breast.

  • What is chicken at A&W?

  • Chicken at AW Canada – Burgers and strips made from 100% chicken. Discover the good food that makes us Canada鈥檚 favourite. . . . . .

  • How do you make a teen burger at A&W?

  • With our Secret Restaurant Recipe your Teen Burger will taste just like AW. Toast hamburger bun on griddle. Cook burger; make thin. Sprinkle with Lawry’s seasoned salt. Cook bacon in same pan as burger. Put cheese on burger. Put bacon on top of cheese until cheese melts. Squirt ketchup, mustard on bottom bun.