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  • What can you make with canned clams?

  • A creamy clam chowder is a great way to artfully use those canned clams. It’s hard to mess chowder up, so if you’re new to chowders and cooking with clams, this recipe could be a great fit for you. It also incorporates cheese and bacon for some added depth of flavor. 6. Cold Clam Salad

  • What do you do with clams for chowder?

  • CHOWDERS AND STEWS: Minced, chopped, and whole baby clams add a pleasing bite to a bowl of chowder or seafood stew. Some recipes call for a combination of canned and fresh clams, such as in this Manhattan-s tyle chowder.

  • How do you cook raw clams?

  • Cook them simply in the Japanese style by boiling in hot water until shells open, allowing the clams’ natural liquor to meld with the water and create a wonderfully aromatic, clear broth. Serve immediately, topping bowls with lemon peel.

  • How do you make stuffed clams taste good?

  • To make sophisticated deviled stuffed clams as an appetizer, remove clams from shells, mince the meat, and pan-saute with diced onion and green bell pepper. Add in crumbled fried bacon, Tabasco, and breadcrumbs, stuffing the mixture back into clam shells to broil until browned.