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  • What is a good recipe for canned mackerel?

  • Tasty canned mackerel recipe: Mackerel salad with mayonnaise sauce Prepare ingredients: Canned mackerel, eggs, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, mayonnaise, olive oil, salt, pepper, vinegar. Chopped lettuce.

  • How do you add mackerel to stir fry?

  • Adding mackerel to it will drastically increase the protein content. To use canned mackerel in stir-fry recipes heat oil and add veggies. Saute until just tender. Lower the heat and add soy sauce, seasonings such as garlic, sesame, and ginger.

  • What do you serve with mackerel?

  • Mackerel fillets are coated with butter, lemon juice, and paprika in this quick and easy baked fish dinner you can vary with other fish. Delish mackerel salad in a yummy fresh tomato and basil sauce and served on a bed of lettuce.

  • Where can I find trusted mackerel recipes?

  • Allrecipes has more than 10 trusted mackerel recipes complete with ratings, reviews and cooking tips. Savory and spicy, this mayo-based dip is made with canned mackerel. The quick, simple, and delicious fish recipe is best with fresh-caught fish if possible.