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  • What can I use instead of almond milk for baking?

  • However, if you do not have almond milk, you can always use soy milk, coconut milk, rice milk, oat milk, hemp milk, flaxseed milk, or some of the following substitutes. Use these almond milk substitutes according to your preferences.

  • Can you substitute almond milk for milk in meatloaf?

  • Plain, unsweetened almond milk will work well as a milk substitute for meatloaf. You may find that the dish is a little less creamy than when you use cow鈥檚 milk, but the texture should still be great and the flavor shouldn鈥檛 be noticeably different. Can You Substitute Almond For Milk In Bread?

  • Can you substitute almond milk for milk in waffles?

  • Almond milk should taste good in waffles, and you can also use other alternative milks. The eggs will help the recipe to bind well, and the almond milk will offer a pleasant, nutty flavor. Can You Substitute Almond For Milk In Scrambled Eggs? You will probably not notice any difference between almond milk and dairy milk in scrambled eggs.

  • Can you use almond milk instead of cow鈥檚 milk for frosting?

  • Almond milk should work just as well as cow鈥檚 milk when you are making frosting, although you may find that you can taste the almonds slightly, especially if your frosting recipe calls for a large ratio of milk. You may want to choose unsweetened almond milk so that it doesn鈥檛 affect the amount of sugar you need.