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  • Is almond milk a good substitute for milk in baking?

  • People have been using almond milk as the substitution for milk when it comes down to baking. It can also be substituted in other dishes, and the outcome will be promising.

  • How to make almond milk with almonds?

  • Start by soaking raw almonds in water overnight. Subsequently, drain the almonds and puree them in a blender with water. Push the pureed mixture through a cheese cloth, nut milk bag or a very fine strainer to remove any remaining solid nut particles. Add flavor by blending your almond milk with vanilla extract or honey.

  • Is almond milk gluten-free?

  • Almond milk is gluten-free and offers an alternative to soy milk, a common substitute for cow’s milk that can also trigger allergies. Though it can be used in savory dishes, almond milk works best in desserts. Almond milk can be used in cakes, breads, muffins and other baked goods.

  • Is almond milk healthier than skim milk?

  • It’s also a solid milk substitute if you’re looking to cut calories: One cup of almond milk has 36.6 calories (compared to 83 calories in one cup of skim milk ), according to the USDA. Plus, almond milk has no cholesterol. The almond milk you’ll find in stores is usually fortified, which helps boost its nutritional value.