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  • What can I substitute for honey in a recipe?

  • 15 Best Substitutes For Honey In Recipes 鈥?No.7 is Always in the Kitchen. 1 1. Maple Syrup. So the question is, can you use maple syrup as a substitute for honey? Yes, you can use maple syrup as a substitute for honey in … 2 2. Coconut Nectar. 3 3. Apple Sauce. 4 4. Molasses. 5 5. Yacon Root Syrup. More items

  • Can I substitute maple syrup for honey in cookies?

  • But, if I was making honey oatmeal cookies and ran out of honey, I would gladly sub in maple syrup. For a given volume of molasses, one of the following may be used (with varying degrees of success): an equal volume of honey, dark corn syrup, or maple syrup, or 3/4 that volume firmly packed brown sugar.

  • What is a good maple syrup substitute?

  • Brown rice syrup A syrup with a mild, nutty, and sweet taste similar to honey that makes for a good maple syrup replacement is brown rice syrup. They both have a thick and sticky texture.

  • What is the difference between honey and maple syrup?

  • Do keep in mind that honey is a bit thinner in terms of its consistency. Maple syrup is thicker, which is why you need to work on improving the texture before you use it for baking. I would also like to point out that honey is less sweet than maple syrup.