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  • Can I substitute maple syrup for honey in desserts?

  • But when using maple syrup as a honey substitute in dessert, such as honey lemon tarts, make sure to add a cup of sugar with cup of maple syrup, to substitute one cup of honey. Why? Well, because honey is sweeter than maple syrup.

  • What can I substitute for honey in a recipe?

  • 15 Best Substitutes For Honey In Recipes 鈥?No.7 is Always in the Kitchen. 1 1. Maple Syrup. So the question is, can you use maple syrup as a substitute for honey? Yes, you can use maple syrup as a substitute for honey in … 2 2. Coconut Nectar. 3 3. Apple Sauce. 4 4. Molasses. 5 5. Yacon Root Syrup. More items

  • Can I use golden syrup instead of honey?

  • Golden syrup is though a little thicker in consistency than honey, but that doesn鈥檛 make much of a difference when used as a substitute for honey in recipes. You can use a 1:1 ratio, whether you are using golden syrup to make a sweet or savory dish. Just like brown rice sugar, golden syrup also has no dietary benefits.

  • Can you substitute maple syrup for caramel syrup?

  • Since maple syrup has caramel notes in its taste, this can serve as a good substitute. Brown sugar, which is made from sugar cane is used to make caramel syrup with water. The sugar starts to caramelize and the taste gets mild and sweet.