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  • Why did they change the flavor of Butterfingers?

  • The company began with Butterfinger and reworked the formula to use bigger peanuts, more milk and cocoa, and fewer hydrogenated oils. The new version also no longer incorporates the chemical preservative TBHQ. With these changes, they were shooting for a more chocolate-centric flavor with purer ingredients.

  • Is there a new recipe for Butterfinger?

  • After being bought by Nutella-owner Ferrero Rocher, the iconic candy bar now has a new recipe. Someone laid a finger on Butterfinger 鈥?the recipe, that is. That’s right, the Butterfinger candy brand 鈥?which had been owned by Nestle since 1990 鈥?was bought by Ferrero (the company behind Nutella) in January.

  • What happened to Butterfingers at McDonald鈥檚?

  • Butterfingers did make a big change to their recipe in 2018, after they were bought by Ferrero. They said they mainly changed the chocolate shell coating. 14. French Fries From McDonald鈥檚 McDonald鈥檚 is known for having some of the best fast food French fries out there, but they aren鈥檛 without their criticism.

  • How long did it take Nestle to make Butterfinger?

  • As for the Butterfinger product itself, Nestle spent more than two years developing the peanut butter and chocolate cups. People were initially skeptical about a peanut butter cup other than Reese’s, and taste test by Thrillist produced mixed reactions.