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  • Do Masterchef contestants get recipes?

  • Do MasterChef Contestants Get Recipes? 鈥楳asterChef鈥?takes its competition extremely seriously and wants to ensure that high standards are always maintained. For this reason, the contestants are encouraged to learn various culinary techniques, but they are not allowed to use any recipes during a challenge.

  • What is MasterChef and how does it work?

  • The cooking series brings together people with no professional experience to compete against each other for the MasterChef trophy and a cash prize of $250,000.

  • Is MasterChef American or UK?

  • MasterChef, FOX’s culinary competition show where chefs compete against one another in a battle to be the best, which stars Gordon Ramsay and an array of other celebrity chefs as the judging panel, has graced American televisions since 2010. The U.S. iteration is based on the original U.K. series, MasterChef, which ran from 1990 to 2001.

  • Is there a time limit on MasterChef?

  • Although there is a lot of behind-the-scenes action on set, there鈥檚 one thing MasterChef doesn鈥檛 fudge, and that is the one-hour time limit. The days in the kitchen are not a joke. The contestants on MasterChef are expected to film for 12 hours a day when they鈥檙e competing.