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  • How to make donburi (rice bowl)?

  • Gyu (Beef)-don is the most popular donburi (rice bowl) in Japan and the U.S. because of Yoshinoya. Slice the onion then place it into a sauce pan with the water and wafu dashi. Cook over medium heat until the onion becomes tender. Cut beef into bite-sized pieces. In a prep bowl, pre-marinate with white wine, sugar, mirin, salt, and soy sauce.

  • How do you make tri-color donburi?

  • Soboro Donburi, especially Tri-Color Donburi, consists of 5 easy steps: Make steamed rice. Cook ground chicken. Cook scrambled eggs. Blanch green vegetables. Assemble the rice bowl. See the detailed explanation in the recipe below.

  • What is ten Don in Japanese cooking?

  • Ten Don (Tempura Donburi) 澶╀讣 Golden crispy shrimp and vegetable tempura served over steamed rice and drizzled with tentsuyu (tempura dipping sauce), this ten don recipe is a real treat for a special Saturday night dinner. For a complete meal, enjoy with a bowl of miso soup and a side of refreshing salad.

  • How do you cook Oyako Don?

  • Try not to let the egg cook too much, about 1-2 minutes, a slightly runny texture is the preferred way to serve oyako don. When the eggs are done, turn off the heat and pour the egg and chicken over a bowl of cooked rice. Slice the unagi kabayaki (eel) into bite-sized pieces.