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  • How do you get the cookbook in Don’t Starve Together?

  • The Cookbook is a Food Tab item exclusive to Don’t Starve Together. It requires 1 Papyrus and 1 Carrot to craft and a Science Machine to prototype. If the player is the one who cooked it, the player learns a recipe after picking the food item from either the Crock Pot or the Portable Crock Pot.

  • What are some of the best recipes in Don’t Starve?

  • A great way to start your day, both in Don’t Starve and in the reality. The Bacon and Eggs recipe from don’t starve restores 20 health, 75 hunger and 5 sanity points. Not quite as good as the Dragon Pie but still a very respectable recipe. Eggs, depending on the the world you landed in and what biomes are nearby, can be relatively easy to find.

  • What are the ingredients in Don’t Starve Together?

  • Vegetable ingredients come in half-size full-size. Egg ingredients come in small enormous. Sweeteners are Honeys Royal Jelly. Dairy includes Butter Electric Milk. Bugs are unique to the Don’t Starve: Hamlet DLC. Decorations are a unique food category in Don’t Starve Together.

  • What is Don’t Starve?

  • It’s a dish of beans and beef and pork. In Don’t Starve, the recipe calls for 3 bean bugs and 1 meat ingredient. This does mean the recipe is very inflexible but it also means that if you have a lot of bean bugs, it’s simple to make.