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  • Why did Guinness change their draught cans?

  • Cans of Guinness forced into change because of ‘supply issues’ due to Covid-19 pandemic GUINNESS has been forced to make a significant change to their draught cans due to shortages brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. The cans will no longer have floating widgets, and will instead revert back to using a fixed widget system.

  • Why did Guinness stop using floating drinks?

  • Guinness’ parent company Diageo confirmed the news in statement, stressing that the move was a temporary change. Supply issues due to the pandemic have forced the issue, but Diageo say they hope to bring back the floating widgets by early 2021.

  • How many ML is in a can of Guinness?

  • #Liveline @joeliveline Both Peter and Sean realised their cans, usually 400ml, contained just 370ml of Guinness. The floating widgets were missing. They’re convinced the black stuff tasted different (although Diageo disagree). Full statement from Diageo below: