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  • Does Guinness change the taste of your drink?

  • A spokesperson for Guinness comfirmed that the change wouldn鈥檛 affect the taste of your drink, saying 鈥樷€淭he recipe for Guinness has not changed and the taste has not changed. It is still the same great pint of Guinness it has always been.鈥?/div>Is Guinness vegan? | Metro News

  • Is Guinness beer vegan?

  • In 2017, Guinness confirmed that it changed up its filtration process, doing away with the use of isinglass, a byproduct of fish. Without it, the beer is now officially vegan-friendly. Cheers, vegans!

  • How many pints of Guinness go to waste each year?

  • Guinness commissioned a study in 2000, which found that an estimated 162,719 pints of Irish stout go to waste every year via facial hair. According to scientists, .56 milliliters of Guinness is trapped in a beard or mustache with each sip. And it takes about 10 sips to finish a pint.

  • Does Guinness come from Ireland or Dublin?

  • All Export comes from Dublin to every country except those who have their own Guinness Brewery (There are 5 Guinness Breweries world wide). Sorry not being a know it all鈥?used to work in Export in Guinness鈥檚 Dublin:-)