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  • How many people actually know the Coca-Cola recipe?

  • The curiosity is because the Company has maintained that at any given time only two people alive know the Coca-Cola recipe, and allegedly they are not allowed to travel on the same plane in case it crashes and the secret goes down with them.

  • Is there a secret recipe for Coca Cola?

  • Coca-Cola’s Secret Recipe Has Been Leaked. The ingredients may surprise you. The recipe for Coca-Cola is a closely guarded secret; in fact it is said that to stop it leaking (no pun intended) only 2 coke employees ever know the formula at one time.

  • How many ingredients are in 24 pints of Coca-Cola?

  • Here is the recipe for making 24 pints of Coca-Cola. The ingredients at the top (the caramel etc are widely known), it鈥檚 the 7 ingredients at the bottom that make up the essence/鈥檚ecret recipe鈥? No cocaine as has sometimes been claimed, but I was pretty surprised to see that alcohol was actually one of the key ingredients in Coca-Cola.

  • How many people hold the Coca Cola formula?

  • An old television commercial (second video in this article) suggested that the Coca Cola formula is held by just two men (each knowing half), and if one of them should accidentally fall, there鈥檇 be no Coke bottles.