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Just sayAlexa, create a list called favorite recipes.You can then add as many favorite dishes to the list as you like. All you have to do to store your recipe is say to Alexa, Alexa, add lasagna to the list of my favorite recipes.

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  • How do I use Alexa鈥檚 Allrecipes skill?

  • To start using the Allrecipes Skill, say: 鈥淎lexa, open the Allrecipes Skill.鈥?To find a recipe, you can say any of the following: 鈥淎lexa, find me a recipe with eggs, condensed milk, and pumpkin.鈥?You can ask for details about a recipe by saying one of the following:

  • How do I enable recipespeak on Amazon Alexa?

  • Spread the word: 1. Load your recipe on 2. Say Alexa, enable RecipeSpeak 3. Access your recipe handsfree on Amazon Alexa while cooking See it in action!

  • How do I use Alexa as a sous-chef?

  • Just ask Alexa to add ingredients to your grocery list or shopping cart or add them directly from a recipe. You can then easily view or edit the list in your Alexa or Amazon app. Your new sous-chef, Alexa. Already have your ingredients and ready to cook?

  • How do I Share my keto food preferences with Alexa?

  • A. First, share your food preferences (ie: keto, vegetarian, gluten-free, and more) with Alexa by saying, Alexa, open food preferences on your device or in the Alexa App under Settings Alexa Preferences Food Recipes.