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  • How do I use Alexa鈥檚 Allrecipes skill?

  • To start using the Allrecipes Skill, say: 鈥淎lexa, open the Allrecipes Skill.鈥?To find a recipe, you can say any of the following: 鈥淎lexa, find me a recipe with eggs, condensed milk, and pumpkin.鈥?You can ask for details about a recipe by saying one of the following:

  • How do I use Alexa as a sous-chef?

  • Just ask Alexa to add ingredients to your grocery list or shopping cart or add them directly from a recipe. You can then easily view or edit the list in your Alexa or Amazon app. Your new sous-chef, Alexa. Already have your ingredients and ready to cook?

  • How do I use chefling with Amazon Alexa?

  • If you use Chefling to help keep track of groceries you need to buy or when food is expiring, you can skip opening the app and have Alexa do the work for you. Through the skill, you can add items, check expiration dates, share your shopping list and more.

  • How do I connect Allrecipes to my Amazon Echo Show?

  • Press your user profile icon at the top left of the screen. Tap the 鈥楽kills鈥?tab from the side menu. Link your account by typing in your credentials or via Facebook or Google Plus. This will connect your Allrecipes with all your accounts, including Echo Show. Once you鈥檝e set up the skill, you can display any recipe on your Amazon Echo.