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  • Are there high altitude baking adjustments for recipes?

  • While there are no hard and fast rules for adjusting a recipe, there are some general high altitude baking adjustments if you live in higher climates. Because different recipes will be affected in different ways, it is a good idea to try a recipe as written first to see how it is affected by your specific baking environment.

  • How do you adjust the evaporation rate at high altitudes?

  • Adding liquid helps maintain structure since quick evaporation occurs at high altitudes. Start with the adjustments below, making one change at a time. Adjustment 3,000 feet 5,000 feet 7,000 feet Baking powder- For each teaspoon, decrease by 1/8 teaspoon 1/8-1/4 teaspoon 1/4 teaspoon

  • How do you cook brotchen at high altitudes?

  • Community Answer. It is the same as any other bread at high altitude, so you adjust the recipe slightly. If you made brotchen before, or on a regular basis, you know what the dough texture should be after rising. When baking, adjust the temperature, check on it while baking and make sure it is completely baked.

  • How do you make high altitude bread dough more moist?

  • You’ll know there is enough moisture your high altitude bread dough when the mass pulls away from the sides of the bowl. Gradually add flour 1 tbsp. at a time if the batter is too wet or sticky. Your bread dough should be soft and easily handled after re-kneading. Increase the amount of liquid in the recipe if using wheat or rye flour.