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  • What is recipe converter?

  • A recipe converter and calculator that makes it easy to change the serving size of recipes. Recipe Converter You need to enable JavaScript to run this app. Recipe Converter About Install as App Unit Conversions

  • How do you convert a recipe to another size?

  • How to Convert a Recipe. To make a recipe smaller (scale down) or make a recipe bigger (scale up), you will first need to calculate the recipe conversion factor, using the following recipe conversion factor formula: Recipe Conversion Factor = Desired Number of Servings Original Number of Servings

  • How do you find the conversion factor of a recipe?

  • Determine the required yield of the recipe by multiplying the new number of portions and the new size of each portion. Find the conversion factor by dividing the required yield (Step 2) by the recipe yield (Step 1). That is, conversion factor = (required yield)/ (recipe yield).

  • How do you change the quantity of ingredients in a recipe?

  • Once you have all ingredients in weight, you can then multiply by the conversion factor to adjust the recipe. When using U.S. or imperial recipes, often you must change the quantities of the original recipe into smaller units.