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  • Can I patent a drink recipe?

  • If your utility patent is approved, your drink recipe will be protected for 14 years. Before you begin the patent application process, you should search registered patents and pending applications to make sure that your drink recipe is distinct. If your recipe is similar to a previously registered patent, the USPTO will reject your application.

  • Can I copyright or patent my recipes?

  • Maybe you have considered patenting or copyrighting your individual recipes, or even your whole collection before you publish it. There are legal ways to protect your property in just a few steps.

  • What elements of a recipe are copyrighted?

  • Photographs, videos and sometimes even podcasts 鈥?These elements usually accompany recipes published online and in many cookbooks, and have copyright protection separate from the other components of the recipe. 2. Personalize Your Writing

  • Can a grandmother’s recipe be copyrighted?

  • Your grandmother’s recipe for her world famous Shrove Tuesday hash and pancake supper is copyrighted to her alone. It is possible to inherit copyright ownership, which is separate from ownership of a copy. See Who Can Claim Copyright [1] The name of the recipe, or collection, cannot be copyrighted.