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  • Why do we use ingredients in baking?

  • Some ingredients are important to the structure, some add sweetness, some cause the baked good to rise, some add moisture, and some are mostly just for flavoring. My fascination with this has helped me learn how to create my own recipes from scratch.

  • Do you need a cookbook to make your own recipes?

  • Before you grab a single pot or pan, head to your computer or cookbook collection. 鈥淚f you want to make your own recipe, you have to see what鈥檚 out there first,鈥?says senior food editor Chris Morocco.

  • How can I become better at making my own recipes?

  • Make notes and changes. Try not to change too many different things in each round of experimenting or it can be difficult to determine what is working and what isn鈥檛. But trial and error is the best way to become great at creating your own original recipes!

  • What makes a successful cake recipe?

  • A successful cake recipe balances the ingredients that strengthen the cake structure ( flour and eggs) with the ingredients that weaken and tenderize the cake structure ( sugar and fat ). The Baker鈥檚 Formula is used to calculate the proper percentage of each ingredient for a successful recipe.