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  • What ingredients can be doubled when making cookies?

  • Eggs, flour, sugar, butter, even vanilla extract, can be doubled for almost any recipe you make. Just times the amounts by 2 鈥?and be sure to do it for ALL the ingredients (don鈥檛 forget!)

  • Can you just double baking soda and baking powder in cookies?

  • Ninety-nine percent of the time, I find that baking soda and baking powder can be simply doubled in cookie recipes. It’s that last one percent that can sometimes mess up an otherwise awesome batch of cookies. Baking powder and baking soda are tricky and don’t always scale up quite as nicely as everything else.

  • Can you roll out a double batch of cookies at once?

  • Trying to roll out the entire double-batch at once is not only cumbersome, but the dough can start to get too soft and warm, which makes cutting out shapes more difficult. 7. Keep extra dough chilled. When you鈥檙e making a big batch of cookies, that often means cooking several trays back to back in your hot kitchen.

  • How do you double A recipe?

  • It may seem like a simple task to double a recipe by multiplying all the ingredients by 2. Most cooks suggest batch cooking the original recipe or carefully adjusting seasonings, rising agents and alcohol to keep a flavor balance.