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  • How do you drink eggnog with egg whites?

  • Slowly pour the egg whites over the chilled egg yolk mixture, folding it in gently. Serve the eggnog in mugs, Irish coffee glasses, punch cups, or stemless martini glasses and grate nutmeg over the top for a garnish.

  • What is an eggnog cocktail?

  • Eggnog, the creamy classic cocktail, is an essential part of the winter holidays. The recipe can vary depending on who鈥檚 making it, but the basic formula consists of eggs, sugar, milk and cream, plus a spirit. For the latter, most people turn to bourbon, rum or brandy, and some even elect to combine a couple spirits for oomph.

  • Can you make eggnog with rum?

  • Rum Holiday Egg Nog. On a smaller scale, you can make eggnog for just one or two people. This recipe also opts for rum, which makes the cocktail a little sweeter than the other liquor options. Again, the recipe requires very common ingredients, including heavy cream and extracts of almond and vanilla.

  • What does it mean to temper eggs with Eggnog?

  • Tempering eggs means you slowly add hot liquid to them to raise their temperature to avoid the risk of scrambling them. With eggnog, you warm up a mixture of milk, vanilla extract, cinnamon, and nutmeg and then slowly add that mixture to whisked egg yolks until it’s completely combined.