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  • How do I search for ingredients in a recipe?

  • #5 鈥?#160;All Recipes Ingredient Search鈥?To search by ingredients, simply leave the big search box empty, type in your ingredients, then click the magnifier/search button. I like how you can excludeingredients.

  • How do I find a recipe that I don’t know?

  • This facility is also useful if you can’t find a recipe that you know is on Cookipedia, but you know some of the ingredients. This recipe finder uses MediaWiki’s search engine via a form to ‘enter’ the search terms.

  • How can I find recipes that fit my dietary needs?

  • Use its search engine to enter one or more ingredients that you have at hand, and Allrecipes will find recipes that fit your dietary needs, as well as the type of cuisine or preparation time that you prefer. This app really allows you to refine your searches or add or remove ingredients that you don鈥檛 have.

  • How do you type in ingredients in a recipe?

  • Type in your ingredients by putting 2-word ingredients in quotes and including a space between items (not a comma). The only downside is the results are provided in a non-friendly 鈥渟earch engine鈥?kind of way鈥?and that means you often get more lists of recipes rather than landing on an actual recipe.