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  • What do you need to make a love potion?

  • 1 A page describing your favorite love scene 2 Rose petals 3 Lavender 4 Bay leaves 5 Jasmine incense or sticks 6 2 tea light candles 7 Water 8 Matches or lighter 9 A small cauldron 10 An athame to stir your potion

  • What are LoveLove potions and spells?

  • Love potions and spells are a form of magic that is used to make things aligned to love go according to your desires. Contrary to what many people believe, these spells and potions are not always evil.

  • How do you make a potion with Moon Water?

  • Just place a cup of Moon Water on your altar during your practice. Alcohol + Intent = Potion! You can mix herbs, syrups, and alcohols to make a delicious beverage. The intent behind it is what counts! These are White Magic Love Potions.

  • How do You Make Someone like or Love you in magic?

  • A 鈥渨hite鈥?magick love spell to create a love potion. You can use this potion on your targets Food or Drink. The potion can also be used to dress your candles to draw love into your life. VIDEO: Creating a Love Potion to make someone like or love you.