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  • How to cook Bratwurst sausage in the oven?

  • Take care to keep a good amount of space between one brat and the other! Place the cast iron skillet or broiling pan on the oven rack and let the sausages cook for 4 to 5 minutes. Every 4 to 5 minutes, open the oven鈥檚 door to check on the sausages and turn them over.

  • How to grind bratwursts?

  • You need a meat grinder to 鈥済rind鈥?the meat. The meat is chopped into small chunks and can then be mixed. You need a sausage stuffer to get your meat mass into the casing. In the beginning you can also add a filler to your grinder or use a modified plastic bottel or funnel. Bratwursts are traditionally filled into natural casings.

  • How do you cook bratwurst without a cast iron skillet?

  • If you do not want to use a cast iron skillet or broiling pan, you can wrap each individual sausage in aluminum foil. Place them on a baking tray or directly on an oven rack. Again, keep rotating the brats every five minutes to avoid burning!

  • What is bratwurst and how is it made?

  • First of all鈥?What is Bratwurst? It is a traditional German sausage which is usually grilled or fried in a pan. Most of the varieties are pork based but there also ones with veal, chicken and beef. The spice blends are super unique to regions or butchers and there are a lot of different ones (500).