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  • How to make the best popsicles?

  • Cream-based pops are also delicious. Use a base like heavy cream, yogurt, almond milk, or coconut milk. Add the base and fresh berries, fruit, or cocoa powder into a blender until smooth. Again, taste the puree and make sure it has an intense flavor that is sweet and you can taste each ingredient in the puree.

  • How do you make popsicles without ice cream?

  • All you need is some fruit juice and a few ingredients, along with some wooden sticks (forget expensive ice cream makers !) 鈥?and then a couple hours in the freezer to solidify. The only hard part? Figuring out which of the hundreds of amazing popsicle recipes to make!

  • How do you make Popsicle molds expand?

  • Make sure to leave about 1/4鈥?space at the top of the mold to drop in a thin orange slice (remove the rind!), and for the popsicle to expand. When juice and water freeze, it expands. If the juice and ice expand over the mold, it makes the removal of the lid on the mold harder.

  • Can you freeze Popsicle molds?

  • Pour into popsicle molds and freeze. I add popsicle sticks (purchased at a craft store) about 1/2 hour after freezing so the sticks stay upright. To easily remove popsicles when ready to eat, run the popsicle mold under warm water for a few seconds, then gently twist off. Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Pops 鈥?like eating a frozen Reeses!