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  • How do you make pectin jelly with honey?

  • Heat honey and water to boiling, stirring constantly. Add liquid Fruit pectin and bring back to boil. Allow to cool in jelly jars. 鈥淪o easy!! Give it a try!鈥?Pinterest Top Picks: Our 100 Most P…

  • How do you make frozen honey jelly?

  • Just add a few drops to your honey bottle and you can have blue, pink, green, purple or even black Frozen Honey Jelly. To take it a step further, you could even add different flavourings, like strawberry or watermelon. The possibilities are endless with this recipe!

  • Can you make honey jelly with corn syrup?

  • You could even make a whole sheet of honey jelly to peel off easily and add on top of bread or a bowl of oatmeal. While it doesn鈥檛 freeze as well as the honey, you can make honey jelly out of corn syrup as well. As TikToker @daveyrz says, 鈥淗oney has its own flavor.鈥?/div>How To Make TikTok’s Viral Honey Jelly Recipe For A Frozen

  • How do you make honey jelly TikTok?

  • One of the first honey jelly TikToks was posted by a user who goes by the handle @random.videoslmaooo. 鈥淏asically you just freeze honey,鈥?she states in a video shared earlier this month. The TikToker begins by pouring about two tablespoons of honey into an empty water bottle.