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  • How to make overnight oatmeal?

  • The process for making overnight oats is really one of the simplest meal preps you can do. In a jar or small bowl, whisk together the following ingredients: Old-Fashioned/Rolled Oats 鈥擮bviously, you鈥檙e gonna need some oats in that overnight oatmeal!

  • How do you make creamy oats?

  • Chia seeds can make your oats creamier 鈥?just remember to add more liquid if you use them. You鈥檒l want a 2:1 ratio of liquid to oats for an appealing consistency. The consistency may look thin, but the oats will soak up the liquid overnight. If your oats are too thick after soaking, stir in a tad more base liquid or plain water to loosen it up.

  • What is the ratio of milk to oats for overnight oats?

  • Normally for overnight oats, the standard guideline is a two-to-one ratio of liquid or yogurt to oats, so this recipe would work best with 2 cups of milk. Cardamom is quite pricey, but it definitely makes this recipe so don’t leave it out! You can easily make this recipe your own with whatever nut butter and dried fruit you have in the pantry.

  • How much yogurt do you put in overnight oats?

  • You can follow the recipe we have on the site for overnight oats, but a quick ratio to reference is 1:1 oats to milk. If you want to add additional creaminess with yogurt, you can add half as much yogurt as milk, for a ratio of 2:2:1 for oats:milk:yogurt. How should I serve overnight oats?