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  • How do I use my recipe binder kit?

  • Included in Clean Mama鈥檚 Recipe Binder Kit are labels that you can use for dividers 鈥?you can print and trim and place in dividers or make your own by simply printing them out on card stock, trimming down to size, and use packing tape to adhere to the divider pages. Now that you have your Recipe Binder all set up it鈥檚 time to put it to use!

  • How do you give a binder as a gift?

  • Place the binder in your kitchen or give it as a gift. Recipe binders make great gifts, especially if they are filled with treasured family recipes that have been passed down for generations. They can also make an ideal going-away-to-college gift. Know how to organize your binder.

  • How to make a rustic recipe binder?

  • 1 Gather your supplies. Using just a few items, you can make your own rustic recipe binder. 2 Find two pieces of thin cardboard or illustration board. Make sure that they are the same size. … 3 Print your recipes out onto sheets of paper. … 4 Use a hole punch to create holes in the covers and pages. … 5 Arrange your binder. … More items…

  • Can a recipe binder save you time and money?

  • Making a Recipe Binder might seem like a daunting task, but with a little time and organization, you can make a recipe binder that will become your family cookbook and ultimately save you time and money.