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  • How to make sweet Sattu?

  • To make sweet sattu drink, add sattu and chilled water in a bowl. Add powdered sugar and some cardamom or fennel powder and mix well. Serve chilled. You can also make a thick paste instead of making a drink. Just mix sattu with little water and sugar and make a paste-like mixture. Now eat it with a spoon for snacks.

  • What to do with sattu powder?

  • For breakfast, here鈥檚 a fun recipe which I really enjoy and the first one I fashioned after learning to make sattu powder. Mix about 7 tbsp of sattu in a bowl of warm milk. Stir it well so there are no lumps. Add sugar or powdered jaggery for some sweetness. You may embellish this healthy porridge with raisins or nuts.

  • What is sattu powder made of?

  • Sattu flour or sattu powder means a finely ground form of roasted chickpeas or chana dal. It is also available in various mixes, such as wheat sattu, barley sattu, etc., in the market. Wash 2 cups of chana dal thoroughly with water.

  • How to make Sattu sharbat at home?

  • This sattu sharbat is a cooling sweet drink made with roasted black chickpea flour. A popular summer cooler from bihar. Saved! Take chilled water in individual glasses. You can also take all of the chilled water in a mug and then mix. Add 2 tbsp sattu in each glass.