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  • What are the best Starbucks drinks to make at home?

  • You can make it in your own kitchen every day of the year. To make Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte at home, you need milk, pumpkin puree, sugar, vanilla extract or vanilla syrup, strong hot coffee, and pumpkin pie spice. Don鈥檛 forget the whipped cream for the topping. Yum! Source: 14. Starbucks Passion Tea Lemonade

  • How do you make a pink drink at Starbucks?

  • You need strawberries, coconut milk, green tea, and gobs of ice to make the homemade Starbucks Pink Drink. Steep your green tea and then stir in the rest of the ingredients.

  • How do you make the Starbucks Dragon drink?

  • The Starbucks Dragon Drink is a lot more than a cool name. It鈥檚 a delicious mixture of dragon fruit, mango, coconut milk, and green coffee. When you make it at home, you can adjust the amount of sugar, caffeine, and everything else! In your cocktail shaker, combine all of the ingredients.

  • How do you order a blue drink at Starbucks?

  • To order the 鈥淏lue Drink鈥?from the secret menu at Starbucks, simply ask your barista for a blend of passion iced tea, soy milk, and vanilla syrup. To make a copycat blue drink at home, follow our blue drink copycat recipe.