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  • Should I organize loose recipes on cards?

  • Organizing loose recipes on cards in a recipe box definitely takes longer than the other ideas shared here. But, if you prefer paper to digital recipes, a card box takes up very little counter space.

  • How do I organize my recipe folder?

  • Use your label maker (or a piece of tape and a Sharpie) to make a label for each section of the folder based on the categories you chose earlier. Then, simply place each category stack in the corresponding section of the folder. Our recipe folder lives on our kitchen bookshelf with our organized cookbooks. 2. Create a Recipe Binder

  • How can I organize my family’s most valuable recipes?

  • Your aunt’s famous baklava, your kids’ favorite chocolate birthday cake, the first meal you cooked with your now-spouse鈥攜our family’s most cherished recipes hold important meaning. Figuring out how to organize these recipes, whether in a binder of photocopied favorites or using a recipe organizer app, will help you find them quickly and easily.

  • How do you organize your recipes on your phone?

  • If you want a recipe organizer app geared towards meal planning, try Prepear, which lets you schedule out your dinner ideas. An added bonus: with all of your favorite recipes neatly organized on your phone, sharing that chicken curry recipe only takes a couple clicks. Solution No. 2: Mark the page.