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  • How do I organize my recipe cards?

  • Solution: Create a filing system. If you tend to save a lot of recipes from magazines as well as handwritten recipe cards, sort them into a three-ring binder. Use tab dividers and plastic page protectors for both full sheets (for pages from a magazine) and divided sheets (for three-by-five-inch recipe cards).

  • How do you organize your loose recipes?

  • One of the best ways to organize your loose recipes is in a binder. If you want to organize recipes from magazines (or that you print from online), a binder is a fantastic way to do it. It鈥檚 basically like creating your very own cookbook.

  • How can I organize my family’s most valuable recipes?

  • Your aunt’s famous baklava, your kids’ favorite chocolate birthday cake, the first meal you cooked with your now-spouse鈥攜our family’s most cherished recipes hold important meaning. Figuring out how to organize these recipes, whether in a binder of photocopied favorites or using a recipe organizer app, will help you find them quickly and easily.

  • How do you open a recipe in a recipe book?

  • If you have to use two cards because your recipe is long, place the cards on top of each other and tape along the outside edge of the shorter side. This will allow you to open the recipe like a book.