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  • Can inverse cooking predict what ingredients will be in a recipe?

  • In the meantime, the inverse cooking creators are continuing to fine-tune the system. 鈥淪ometimes it can鈥檛 predict an ingredient, which means that it won鈥檛 be present in the recipe,鈥?says Drozdzal.

  • Can inverse cooking outperform retrieval?

  • The inverse cooking project is already outperforming the retrieval approach. Drozdzal and Romero鈥檚 paper cites a recipe for an English muffin laden with cheese, broccoli and tomato. The inverse cooking system aced all the ingredients, while the retrieval system identified only the cheese and tomato.

  • How does the recipe-generating network work?

  • The recipe-generating network also works from the Recipe1M data set, which the team slimmed down from around 1 million recipes to approximately 350,000. Recipes that made the cut all contained images and had two or more ingredients or instructions.

  • What is the inverse cooking system?

  • Michal Drozdzal, a Research Scientist at Facebook AI Research, explains that the inverse cooking system splits the image-to-recipe problem into two parts: One neural network identifies the ingredients that it sees in the dish, while the other devises a recipe from the list.