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  • How do you say make in Japanese?

  • How to say make in Japanese. make. Japanese Translation. 浣溿倠. Tsukuru. More Japanese words for make. 銉°兗銈?verb. M膿ku make.

  • How do you say cooking in Japanese?

  • How to say cooking in Japanese. cooking. Japanese Translation. #N#鏂欑悊. Ry艒ri. More Japanese words for cooking. 瑾跨悊 noun. #N#. Ch艒ri cooking.

  • How do you say 鈥渨ords鈥?in Japanese?

  • By the way, if you鈥檙e wondering 鈥淗ow do you say 鈥榳ords鈥?in Japanese,鈥?it鈥檚 鍗樿獮 (tango) or 瑷€钁?(kotoba). The only difference is kotoba is used to express the plural form 鈥渨ords鈥?and can also mean 鈥減hrases.鈥?Tango is used mainly for the singular form, 鈥渨ord.鈥?/div>150+ Japanese Words and Phrases You Need to Start Speaking N鈥?/a>

  • How do you say delicious in Japanese?

  • Umai (銇嗐伨銇? A very casual and common way to say delicious in Japanese is umai. You鈥檒l hear it used by boys more than girls. Since this is a casual term, it鈥檚 not recommended for use in formal situations, like having lunch with your boss or any other authority.