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  • How do you say make in Japanese?

  • How to say make in Japanese. make. Japanese Translation. 浣溿倠. Tsukuru. More Japanese words for make. 銉°兗銈?verb. M膿ku make.

  • How do you say food in Japanese?

  • How to say food in Japanese. food. Japanese Translation. #N#銉曘兗銉? F奴do. More Japanese words for food. 銉曘兗銉?noun. #N#. F奴do hood.

  • What are the basic Japanese words and phrases?

  • Basic Japanese Words and Phrases for All Situations. 銇傘倞銇屻仺銇嗐仈銇栥亜銇俱仚 (arigatou gozaimasu): 鈥淭hank you鈥?銇斻倎銈撱仾銇曘亜 (gomen nasai): 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry鈥?銇亜 or 銇嗐倱 (Hhai or un): 鈥淵es鈥?(formal and informal) 銇勩亜銇?or 銇嗐亞銈?(iie or uun): 鈥淣o鈥?(formal and informal) 鍚嶅墠銇痏 (namae wa _): 鈥淢y name is _鈥?/div>150+ Japanese Words and Phrases You Need to Start Speaking N鈥?/a>

  • How do you say toast in Japanese?

  • The casual way of this is 鈥極tsukare (銇娿仱銇嬨倢)鈥?or 鈥極tsukare-sama (銇娿仱銇嬨倢銇曘伨).鈥?Showing respects for your senior is a virtue in Japan. At a meal, you wait for your senior or boss to make a toast. When the person says cheers, you repeat the phrase to make a toast with one hand holding the glass and the other touching the bottom of the glass.