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  • What does it mean to scale a recipe?

  • Scaling a recipe means that you are adjusting the ingredient quantities for a different amount of servings. While doubling or halving a recipe is relatively easy, you will need to do some math when you want to convert a six-serving recipe for two people or 14 people.

  • How do I use the recipe scaler?

  • This handy recipe scaler allows you to easily divide or multiply your favorite recipes. Just copy and paste the original recipe ingredients into the textbox below, determine your conversion factor, and click the Convert button to get the new scaled recipe. It’s that easy!

  • Can all recipes be scaled up or down?

  • When you scale ingredients, you either reduce or increase the quantity and measurements depending on whether you’re scaling the recipe up or down in size (and number of servings). Can all recipes be scaled up or down? Any recipe can be scaled up or down. Does doubling a recipe work? Doubling a recipe is an easy way to scale any recipe up.

  • What should I consider when scaling recipes?

  • An experienced chef will have a feel for potential issues to consider when scaling recipes, such as: Equipment changes: You may need larger pans and more cook space for instance. Tempering ingredients: With a larger portion size, you may need to thaw longer during the preparation.