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  • How do you scale down a recipe?

  • Scaling a recipe down means that you will need fewer ingredients. This holds true for the main ingredients such as proteins, vegetables and starches. Make a list of the amounts of each ingredient you need after scaling the recipe. Go shopping for your ingredients. Make your recipe. Prepare the recipe.

  • What does it mean to scale ingredients?

  • When you scale ingredients, you either reduce or increase the quantity and measurements depending on whether you’re scaling the recipe up or down in size (and number of servings). Can all recipes be scaled up or down?

  • How do you calculate scaling factor in cooking?

  • Calculate the scaling factor by dividing the number of servings (or grams) you want to make by the recipe yield. Example: This recipe yields five servings.

  • What does it mean to scale a cake recipe?

  • See more cupcakes and cake pictures. When you scale a recipe by adjusting ingredient quantities, you increase or decrease the amount of food it produces. Sounds simple, right? In reality, this can be oh-so-complicated — especially if you’re trying to use half an egg to reduce a batch or whip up a birthday cake that serves 80.