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  • How can I Sell my recipes?

  • You can sell recipes to websites, magazines or book publishers. Some recipes are printed on food packaging and others are available in ebooks. You can start your own cooking blog or contribute to existing blogs.

  • How can I get paid to write recipes?

  • How to Get Paid to Write Recipes. 1 1. Enter recipe contests. Yes, contests! Believe it or not, there are actually contests for recipes. And you can win some great prizes including cash. 2 2. Sell to food magazines. 3 3. Sell to Food Companies. 4 4. Sell on Fiverr. 5 5. Sell on Reddit. More items

  • How much do you get paid for selling food recipes?

  • You can sell anything from Asian and Indian to Mexican, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and African food recipes. The exact amount you are paid is based on the number of people who read your article. According to the site, an average submission earns around $10.

  • Can I Sell my Food idea to a big company?

  • But selling your food idea to a big company requires translating your vision into a marketing plan that clearly demonstrates why your product is likely to be a big seller. For your idea to become a large enough product to get on the shelves at a major retail chain, it will have to displace another product.