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  • How to make money by selling recipes?

  • Another easy way to earn money by selling recipes is by marketing your product to food bloggers. Do a quick search for a list of food blogs, use their contact page to pitch your idea. Sure, not every single one of them will want your product, but many will.

  • How do you market your recipes?

  • When you market recipes, your product is not food, but words. Test the actual recipes, not just the food you cook, on your friends and family, by watching silently while someone else tries to follow your written directions.

  • How can I get paid to write recipes?

  • How to Get Paid to Write Recipes. 1 1. Enter recipe contests. Yes, contests! Believe it or not, there are actually contests for recipes. And you can win some great prizes including cash. 2 2. Sell to food magazines. 3 3. Sell to Food Companies. 4 4. Sell on Fiverr. 5 5. Sell on Reddit. More items

  • Can you sell food recipes on Etsy?

  • Etsy shops in the Food Drink category sell a wide range of products, from pet food and treats to condiments, sauces, and yes, recipes! Popular food-related Etsy shops may start by selling cooking accessories like aprons and table wear, and then expand to selling recipes as add-ons.