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  • When baking can I just double or Triple A recipe?

  • When I am baking, can I just double or triple a recipe, or do I have to make other adjustments? When you double or triple recipes for cakes, muffins, cookies and other baked goods, you should be mathematically precise when you double (or triple) the ingredients, but not the cooking times.

  • How do you double A recipe?

  • It may seem like a simple task to double a recipe by multiplying all the ingredients by 2. Most cooks suggest batch cooking the original recipe or carefully adjusting seasonings, rising agents and alcohol to keep a flavor balance.

  • Can You double the ingredients in a cake recipe?

  • For most baking recipes, you can simply double the ingredients. Eggs, flour, sugar, butter, even vanilla extract, can be doubled for almost any recipe you make. Just times the amounts by 2 鈥?and be sure to do it for ALL the ingredients (don鈥檛 forget!)

  • Can You double spices in a recipe?

  • However, when you鈥檙e cooking it鈥檚 a different story. Tip: when doubling spices in a recipe, start by multiplying by 1.5 at first. Things like salt, cayenne, pepper, etc, can get too strong if they鈥檙e outright doubled. (For example, if a recipe calls for 1 teaspoon salt, add 1 teaspoons instead of 2 when doubling.)