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  • What can I do with fresh cilantro?

  • Add cilantro into a stir-fry, toward the end of cooking to maintain the fresh flavor and oils that can stimulate digestion and minimize gastric distress. Chop and toss into some of the fresh herb into guacamole. At my house, we like to add chopped kalamata olives for a salty contrast to the creamy, sweet avocado flavor.

  • How do you clean cilantro leaves?

  • Fill a bowl with cool water and swirl the cilantro around in the water to remove any dirt, bugs or sandy textures from the leaves. Shake the cilantro leaves gently to remove any water left on the leaves. Arrange the cilantro on paper towels and pat the tops of the leaves with another paper towel. Discard any leaves that are yellow or wilted.

  • What does cilantro taste like and how to use it?

  • Do use cilantro liberally. Cilantro is not an herb that gives good results when used with a light touch. Keep in mind that it is rarely ever used in cooked dishes, so the flavor does not normally infuse into food. Usually, you have to eat the herb itself to taste it. While it does have a bright flavor, it is not the most pungent herb.

  • Is it OK to eat cilantro stems?

  • Don鈥檛 discard your cilantro stems. The leaves are the most attractive part of the herb and are what makes cilantro effective as a garnish; however, the stems are just as flavorful. If flavor is your priority, chop them finely and use them as you would use the leaves. Don鈥檛 use dried cilantro if you can help it.