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  • What happens if you publish a recipe that is patented?

  • Also, if someone else has published the recipe by, for example, posting it online, the patent office will deem the recipe published (disclosed) and no longer eligible for patent protection.

  • Can the name of a recipe be copyrighted?

  • The name of the recipe, or collection, cannot be copyrighted. It may be protected by trademark law, if you follow the necessary rules in your country.

  • Should I trademark or patent my recipe?

  • The wiser choice depends on why you want to do this. A trademark can only be used for a symbol, name, word, logo, or design, so use that if you want to protect the name of your recipe. A patent could cover the recipe itself, but it must be demonstrably original.

  • Can a recipe be intellectual property?

  • A recipe as intellectual property? Fine Dining Lovers contacted a number of experts and looked at the way a recipe can be protected. Copyright law protects the authors or creators of original works, like musical or literary works, in a tangible form.