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  • Can You copyright a collection of recipes?

  • A collection of recipes, as in a cookbook, can be protected. That protection is stronger if the author adds original literary commentary and uses creativity in the selection of recipes. Merely listing ingredients, however, is likely not enough. Patents.

  • Is it possible to patent a recipe?

  • It is possible to get a chemical patent and a patent for new use of known substances. Substances can include foodstuff, but it is most likely that a recipe will be protected as a trade secret. It鈥檚 important to file the patent as soon as possible, as the first who does so gets the patent and not the first who invented the recipe/procedure.

  • Can a recipe be intellectual property?

  • A recipe as intellectual property? Fine Dining Lovers contacted a number of experts and looked at the way a recipe can be protected. Copyright law protects the authors or creators of original works, like musical or literary works, in a tangible form.

  • Can a grandmother’s recipe be copyrighted?

  • Your grandmother’s recipe for her world famous Shrove Tuesday hash and pancake supper is copyrighted to her alone. It is possible to inherit copyright ownership, which is separate from ownership of a copy. See Who Can Claim Copyright [1] The name of the recipe, or collection, cannot be copyrighted.