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  • What basic recipes should everyone know how to cook?

  • From chicken pot pie and classic Caesar salad to brownies and cookies. The classic recipe you always wanted, with a little kick. ALEX LAU We’ve rounded up 24 basic recipes that everyone should know how to cook, from a pot of rice to pot roast. Master these, and you’ll never find yourself stumped in the grocery store.

  • What is the best recipe for a beginner Cook?

  • 30 Best Recipes for Beginner Cooks Lemon Garlic Roast Chicken. I stuffed the chicken cavity with a sliced whole onion and lemons, and I stuffed sliced… Spaghetti Tomato Sauce. Pancakes. Perfect Stovetop White Rice. Chinese Fried Rice. Poached Eggs. Banana Bread. Tender Pot Roast. …

  • What should every chef know how to cook?

  • 鈥?Chef Michael Tusk The one thing everyone should know how to cook is breakfast 鈥?even a simple breakfast. Waking up to the smells of coffee, toast, and perfectly cooked eggs means those you’re cooking for will have a great start to their day.

  • Do you need to memorize cocktail recipes?

  • Of course, you don鈥檛. And in most cases, memorizing hundreds of recipes would be a waste of your time because unless you鈥檙e actually making the cocktails you鈥檙e trying to learn, what鈥檚 the point? When I was new to the industry, I made that exact same mistake. I tried to memorize as many cocktail recipes as I could find.